Apartments Banjol - Island Rab

Apartments in Banjol on the Island of Rab

Three Padovas for your unforgettable vacation and holidays between Rab and Barbat

      Banjol is a small tourist town on the island of Rab, which is scattered on the hills on the one side of the road, and located in the three bays called Padovas on the other. During the day, Padovas serve as a main seaside resort on whose beaches many tourists sunbathe, enjoying the view of the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Banjol is attractive due to its numerous small boat docks along the shore which give a colourful picture at night. In Banjol, besides swimming and sunbathing on the beaches, you will enjoy long walks along the sea and old town view. Rich gastronomic offer, ranging from indigenous delicacies to the fast-food stands, will satisfy everyone. And to make it more comfortable, you should book your stay in one of the private apartments or rooms. You can also enjoy a crazy night out at just 3 km from the island of Rab in the Santos Beach Club on the Pudarica beach. All those who prefer the more traditional evening entertainment will love exhibitions and folk evenings which take place in Banjol daily during summer.

Renting apartments in Banjol on the Island of Rab

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