Apartments Beli Manastir

Apartments in Beli Manastir

The "Monastery" in Baranya, where you will you be envied by the angels themselves for enjoying the rural tourism

     Beli Manastir is situated in the east Slavonia plain only 30 km away from Osijek. If you've always wanted to reach the stars, find out which is the most expensive stamp in Croatia, or simply enjoy collecting coins from all historical epochs, be sure to visit Beli Manastir, where professional astronomers will introduce you to the secrets of the universe, philatelists will tell you why some of the stamps are more valuable than others, and coin collectors will take you back into the past and teach you the real value of money. Beli Manastir, which was founded on the place where a monastery used to stand on the estate Pel, is peaceful and has the tranquillity of some old, but never forgotten times, even in today’s bustle of everyday life. Because of the naturally cut off geographical position, surrounded by numerous Baranya effluents on the one side and marshes on the other, Beli Manastir gives off a certain mystique that will enchant you and take you to a different era, when the fairies used to dance in the ancient forests. In addition to natural resources, Beli Manastir is rich on the widely famous cuisine, and the very mention of the specialties such as the fork carp or the nettle sauce will tickle your imagination. If you decide to let go to the charms of Beli Manastir, friendly hosts will make sure that your accommodation in numerous apartments and rooms in farmhouses, becomes a very authentic way of experiencing the rural tourism – soon you may find yourselves cooking “rakija” (the local alcoholic beverage) with your hosts, cooking "fish stew" or simply staying up all night. If you long for a night out, you can be in Osijek in less than 15 minutes and then return to bed, enjoying the blissful tranquillity of Beli Manastir.

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