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Benkovac is located in the area of the transition from the fertile areas in the vicinity of Zadar and Biograd

     Favorable geographical position, on the crossing of roads from Lika to the sea, and from Zadar to Knin, has had the greatest influence on the development of Benkovac. This area was highly developed and populated already in the Middle Ages; even before the arrival of Croats to this area, the Liburnians had built thair place Asseria at the location of today's Benkovac,  which is today one of the famous digging sites from that era. One of the most important monuments of Benkovac area is the castle Benkovic, which was originally a fortress but now serves as a museum. Walking through town, do not be surprised if you meet the natives walking around town in traditional costumes that have remained unchanged for centuries. Widely known sight of Benkovac is the Benkovac fair which has become one of the oldest and largest fairs in Croatia, where tourists come to visit from all over the world. Enjoy the experience of the past and let the friendly hosts, the owners of many private apartments, holiday houses and studio apartments, make you happy with good accommodation, beautiful songs whose origins date back to the past, ever better cuisine, and premium wine - for there is a saying of the old people which says: "Bread is the food for body and wine is the food for soul".

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