Apartments Bibinje

Apartments in Bibinje

Villa Rustica, which developed into an oasis of private accommodation for a memorable vacation near Zadar

     With 4 km of its coastline, Bibinje is one of the most desirable tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast. It developed in the time of ancient Rome. Patrician Vibanus recognized the beauty of this area and built his estate here, which later developed in today’s place Bibinje. Residents of Bibinje were originally farmers and fishermen, and this tradition has survived to this day which gives this place a rustic touch. In Bibinje you can enjoy the beauty of its landscape with breathtaking sunsets and mile long beaches. There are also indispensable friendly hosts in whose numerous apartments and studio apartments you will find the place to stay. At one time Bibinje was primarily a destination for families with small children to enjoy the beauty of the crystal clear Adriatic Sea and long walks along the 4-kilometre Bibinje coastline. However, in the last few years more and more young people choose Bibinje for their summer vacation and holidays. The reason to it are primarily its beautiful apartments located near the sea, and the proximity of Zadar, the urban centre of this region, where they can enjoy the nights out in one of the many bars and clubs on only a few-minute drive from Bibinje.

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