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Apartments in Bilje

Bilje is one of the oldest settlements in Baranya only 5 minutes far from Osijek

     Best known for the vicinity to Kopacki rit, Bilje is a quiet village in Baranya just a few minutes away from the city of Osijek, the urban centre of Slavonia and Baranya. Although it is so close to that biggest city of the eastern part of the Continental Croatia, Bilje manages to provide a quiet and relaxing holiday throughout the year to random passers-by and tourists that come from all over the world. Due to its geographical position on what have been the important transport routes, it has had an important geopolitical and strategic significance for the development of culture and economy of this part of Slavonia since the Neolithic period. It was first mentioned in the ancient Roman times, when the connection with the then Mursa (the ancient name for present-day town of Osijek) made it a part of the war time route on which the Romans had progressed in their conquests to the north, so there were stone monuments found in Bilje dating back to the year 161. Among the historical and cultural heritage of Bilje, the most outstanding is the castle whose owner was Eugene of Savoy, and it is definitely a must-see for every tourist who visits the Bilje area. In addition to the historical heritage it stands out by the excellent cuisine based on authentic cuisine of Baranya region. Also, it offers accommodation to its guests on a number of farms, in private apartments and hunting lodges. Wake up to the crow of a rooster, breathe in the scent of wild flowers, and let Bilje area turn your vacation into a noteworthy experience that you will always remember, and happily await the opportunity when you will be able to return.

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