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Apartments in Buje

The Istrian town of lush vegetation, between the rivers Mirna and Dragonja, is made for a wonderful rest and vacation for all those who visit Buje

     It is a very attractive destination for all tourists, primarily because of its favourable geographical position close to Pula and Rijeka. Buje has a plenty of natural resources and, during your visit, you will be able to enjoy a stroll through the olive groves, vineyards, and pine and cerris forests that surround it. All lovers of sport, especially football, will not miss the opportunity to come to Buje, well known for Ernest Vidal, who was born there. Of course, if you've ever wondered how the calculator in Croatia got the popular name “digitron”, you will be able to find the answer to this question right there in Buje.  Except for football and computer equipment, Buje is famous for a rich cultural and historical heritage dating back to Roman times, for the beauty of landscape and natural resources and the terrain suitable for olive growing and viticulture. Do not miss to visit the two major attractions of the region, the Church of St. Servolo and the Church of the Mother of Mercy, which will delight you with their charm and magnificence. Make sure to use the opportunity, when you visit Buje, to stay at one of the owners of private accommodation and experience a pleasant stay in their apartments and rooms, which will contribute to your stay in Buje being the rest for your soul and the body in all the days of your stay.

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