Apartments Buzet-Lupoglav

Apartments in Buzet and Lupoglav

Buzet is the capital of truffle - the buried treasure hidden under the ground in its vicinity

     Widely known as the crown of Istria and the city of truffles, Buzet is situated on a hill above the Mirna River. Besides the fact that the biggest truffle 'fritaja' in the world is prepared here, rest assured that the other culinary delights of this region will not leave you indifferent; traditional Istrian recipes are beautifully complemented by a diverse selection of premium wines and Istrian spirits of distinctive flavour. But even though a diverse selection of culinary delights would be a reason enough to visit this small Istrian town and find accommodation in one of the many apartments that are there, Buje also offers the possibility to enjoy the numerous monuments of cultural heritage; one of which is to be mentioned - the Old Town Buzet with its medieval buildings, the captain palace and a tank with Baroque decorations. So therefore, if you decided to visit Buzet just to have enjoyed its cuisine or experienced a walk through some past time, you would certainly not be disappointed.

A young city of the Republic of Croatia, whose beauties will be enjoyed by the elder ones

     Lupoglav is situated on the famous Istrian transport route 'Y' which connects Istria County with the rest of Croatia. If you want to visit this peaceful place, make sure to visit its resort Country Club where you will be able to spice up your vacation by staying in one of the famous Istrian „kazun“ shelters and enjoying the many sports and recreational activities, mostly in the school of riding. Of course there is a rich culinary offer, which will prompt you to stay and become a permanent resident of Lupoglav.

Renting apartments in Buzet and Lupoglav

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