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Apartments in Cakovec

Cakovec, the old town of the family Zrinski, for completely different joys of vacation, rural tourism and  wellness relaxation

     As the centre of Međimurje County, Cakovec has become the cultural and economic centre of this region. It is very famous for its hunting resorts, vineyards and agriculture, and the vicinity of Spa Sveti Martin makes it a very attractive destination for those seeking rest and relaxation in one of the most famous spas of Continental Croatia. Although it is characteristic for its modern architecture, all history enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to its old town centre, which is beautifully preserved, and see the Old Town, the central noble fortress in Cakovec which had many roles throughout history. Above all, Cakovec has to offer numerous sports and recreational activities and, as each little town in Medjimurje that wants to be recognized as a serious tourist destination does, it has great cuisine and premium wines that will delight the greatest gourmets as well. If you are lucky enough to come to this Medjimurje region at the beginning of summer, you should not miss the cultural event Cakovec Summer, with many performances of musical, cultural, or sports and recreational type. Car lovers must not miss out on the car exhibition which is held yearly, every May, on the premises of the Sports and Recreation Centre Cakovec. A rich night life in one of the cafes, restaurants and nightclubs will satisfy your desire for a modern urban entertainment, and accommodation in one of the private apartments, rooms and hotels will be brightened up by your friendly hosts. Decide to visit this "wet city" as it was called by the Romans in ancient times and allow yourself to experience one of the greatest feelings you will ever have by combining the modern and the traditional.

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