Apartments Cista Provo

Apartments in Cista Provo

The "Dusty roads" in the western part of Imotska Krajina

     In the past, there was a Livestock Fair in Cista Provo every Thursday, which was of great importance to this city of Imotska Krajina, because there the butchers of Central Dalmatia got the meat supplies. An important road went through this settlement, which connected the present-day Solin and Vid, the two large urban centers since back then. After this road Cista Provo got its name, originally a livestock name for a dirty road.  Although there are not too many people in Cista Provo, they are extremely nice hosts who will delight you with the offer of accommodation in one of the many apartments and holiday houses, and spice up your stay in Cista Provo with fabulous culinary skills that will humour your palate. Traditional song and dance will enchant you with their diversity, and the rich historical - cultural heritage will elicit a sigh to all those who walk around this fascinating area. The vicinity of Solin and Vid will provide partying and having fun to those looking for an evening out, and give your peaceful holiday in Cista Provo a touch of urban feeling!

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