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Apartments in Daruvarske toplice

Experience a relaxing wellness in the hilly town of Slavonia, Daruvar Spa

     For many years Daruvar has been called the most beautiful small city of Continental Croatia, and you will be able to ascertain the veracity of these claims as soon as you enter the majestic Daruvar Spa Complex, consisting of a number of swimming pools, spa centres, beauty salons and relaxation, sports and recreational centres.  Located in western Slavonia under Papuk, Daruvar will delight you with the large number of cultural monuments, natural heritage, and the opportunity to enjoy various sports and recreational activities, and rich cuisine of this part of Slavonia. For many years Daruvarske Spa has been a popular tourist destination of famous Croatian and world-renowned athletes, such as: Ivica Kostelic, Mirko Filipovic, Mario Ancic, and many others. Take a walk down "Vino-Via" wine road Daruvar and taste premium wines in one of the many wine cellars; visit Daruvar brewery; tilt the hook in the oldest fishpond of Continental Croatia; and taste traditional Slavonian dishes in the "City of Cranes" as our Hungarian neighbours would translate the name of the city of Daruvar. For all those looking for action there is a renown paintball terrain; and the nature and animal lovers should not miss on Pakrac with the ethno parks Cantalo and Lipik where they can enjoy the splendour and beauty of the state horse herd of Lipizzaner horses. The always friendly hosts will brighten up your stay in the accommodation facilities on private country farms, apartments and hotels. The lovers of night life will be delighted with the favourable geographic position of Daruvar Spa, from which there is an hour’s drive to Zagreb, Osijek, Slavonski Brod or Bjelovar where they can party all night long. Come to Daruvarske Spa and see why it is a pleasure to wallow in the mud.

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