Apartments Drage

Apartments in Drage

Lovely cove between Zadar and Sibenik for an unforgettable holiday

     Drage used to be a small village, and today it is one of the most popular destinations of Pakostane area.
You will love its simplicity, beautiful nature, scents of aromatic and medicine herbs and crystal clear azure blue sea. Although it is just a few kilometres away form Pakostane, one of the centres of tourism and entertainment in north Dalmatia, Drage has managed to preserve the old Dalmatian town flavour, surrounded by endless olive yards and vineyards. Given the fact that it is rich with hidden coves, as its name Drage says, visiting Drage will make you feel like you have been given your own private part of the sea. Drage is famous for its ideal, mostly pebble beaches that are secluded and exclusive, therefore perfect for romantic couples. Accommodation in Drage is best to be reserved directly with the owner of an apartment or studio apartment. To make the enjoyment far away from the stress of daily life complete, you should give in to the relaxing holiday. Of course, one must not forget the cuisine that is rich with authentic products and fresh fish specialties of this area.

Renting apartments in Drage

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