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Wild herb growing only 3 km from Podgora and 10 km from Makarska

      Continuity of settlement in Drasnice can be traced back to the prehistoric times. Since Illyrian times there have been large mounds in Drasnice, which used to serve as cemeteries to the Illyrians, and now they are gladly visited destinations of many tourists. Drasnice can be proud of beautiful landscapes and amazing beaches, the most notable of which is a beautiful long pebble beach. Pebble Beach in Drasnice is surrounded by the shade of ancient pine trees and high mountain slopes; therefore it is an ideal destination for family vacations, but also for those who want to escape from the hustle and enjoy the crystal clear sea and spectacular views of the island of Hvar. Drasnice is called little "Pompeii" because there you can still see many stone houses characteristic of this part of southern Dalmatia. Numerous tourists, who are attracted to Drasnice by the beauty of private accommodation, also like its ideal geographical positioning that allows them to drive to Podgora and Makarska in less than 15 minutes. A vacation in Drasnice gives you the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of this small coastal town, but also to enjoy the comforts of modern times and have fun until the early morning hours at one of the many bars and night clubs.

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