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Apartments in Draz

Enjoy the continental tourism, hunting and fishing in Draz, a charming town in Baranja

     Because of its natural, clean and unpolluted environment, Draz is an ideal place for nature lovers and those who are about to become ones. The virgin nature and clean air of this place in Baranja have been favourable to the development of lush flora and fauna, and it has become the habitat of many birds, being rich in natural hatcheries. All these conditions contribute to making your holiday in Draz an unforgettable adventure enriched with hunting, fishing and enjoying various sports and recreational activities. If you prefer to observe rather than participate take the photo-safari or bird watching with expert guides. Of course, in line with the spirit of eco-tourism, such tours will be organized in the old-fashioned horse-drawn carriages, and for the brave ones there is the possibility of riding pure-bred horses bred specifically for that purpose. Surrounded by many vineyards, Draz offers the tasting of the first-class wines that are produced there and perfectly complement the rich cuisine composed mainly of the fish dishes and wild game specialties. Try canoeing on Dunavac overgrown with cane, reed and ancient willows, and head towards one of the farms to experience rural tourism in a form that is rarely encountered at today, when the everyday rush has become a part of us in such intensity that we have forgotten how nice it is to sometimes just stop and enjoy nature, the smell of flowers and the chirping of birds. To make your vacation complete, you should find accommodation in one of the apartments in a farmhouse, dwellings or farms, which will take you away from the hectic stress of everyday life, and give you a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment of nature and rural tourism like never before.

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