Apartments Dugi Otok-Rava-Iz

Apartments on the Island of Dugi Otok, the Island of Rava and the Island of Iz

Nature parks and good connectivity with Zadar make these islands an ideal destination for the lovers of the nature beauties and good times

     Dugi Otok, Rava and Iz are the islands in the Zadar archipelago. These islands are the ideal place for a peaceful and romantic summer vacation and family holidays. Surrounded by the clear and clean Adriatic Sea, beautiful beaches and hidden coves, you will be drunk on the smells of the Mediterranean plants and pine woods, and you will enjoy the sound of crickets chirping and and the sight of the harmonious blend of architecture. Dugi otok with its tourist destinations Sali, Zman, Soline, Savar and the Nature Park Telascica offers accommodation in private apartments and rooms, hotels and camps. On the islands Rava and Iz accommodation is available in private apartments, camps and hotels. Traditional island specialties and home-made cuisine of these islands can be tasted in restaurants and taverns. These islands are ideal places for sailing and the modern Robinsons; also all the lovers of the sea depth will be fascinated by one of the most beautiful undersea lives of the world. Visit Dugi otok, the islands Rava and Iz and discover all the beauties of the Adriatic Sea.

Renting apartments on the Island of Dugi Otok, the Island of Rava and the Island of Iz

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