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Gospic, the center of Lika-Senj County, is located at the foot of the most beautiful Croatian mountain of Velebit

     "To show him Lika and the Adriatic Sea from magnificent heights, we go up to the Velika Visocica, gaze and stare all around us, and decorated by the children of the goddess Flora we come back, down the other side, to the city of the most gorgeous nature of the country." This is how, far back in 1900, Dragutin Hirc described Gospic, and indeed there is rarely a place where you will have the opportunity to meet such grandiose nature as is seen in this region. But except for this wonderful natural beauty, Gospic is also famous for being the city that gave two great men - Nikola Tesla who was born in a small village just above Smiljani near Gospic and who is said to be "the inventor of the 20th century", and Dr. Ante Starcevic, the "father of the homeland." Having arrived in Gospic, you will not only have the opportunity to enjoy the nature, but also numerous sports and recreational activities such as paintball, paragliding, hiking, fishing, and organized hunting. And for those who are not into such extreme adventures, there is also the possibility of long walks in the Nature Park Velebit, the largest and the most beautiful Croatian mountain, visiting one of the many caves in the area of Gospic and exploring the rich cultural - historical heritage of this region. Since more than a hundred years ago, Gospic has offered visitors many possibilities for accommodation in this city, which is obvious in numerous inns, apartments and studio apartments, and this tradition has been preserved til today. Although the excursions to Gospic, in the early days of its tourism, were intended only to wealthy clients due to their exclusivity, in the present day the city is accessible to everyone. Therefore come to Gospic and let yourself be electrified by its exciting spirit!

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