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Apartments in Gracac, Lovinac and Udbina

The large valley at the crossroads of Gospic - Knin and Krbava-Dalmatia

     Gracac gained its worldwide fame by one man, a "hero of Lika" as the people used to call him - Marijan Matijevic, who was claimed to be the strongest man in the world at that time. Equally strong is the rich cuisine and friendly hosts, who will enable you to find accommodation in one of the many apartments and rooms; its favourable geographical position allows you to be in Zadar, Knin and Gospic in less than an hour. If you choose to spend your holidays in this area do not forget to visit its natural beauty, the most outstanding of which are Cerovac caves and Zrmanja spring.

Lovinac, with its center of mountain tourism "Holy Hill", is the most ardent supporter of the development of mountain tourism, whose value is recognized by the European Union which has assisted its development

     Located in Lika valley, this is an area of unspoiled nature, the majestic Velebit Mountain Range, beautiful scenery and clean air. Here, the special importance is given to the development of mountain tourism and traditional agriculture. Therefore, your visit to Lovinac will be seasoned with good food in fresh air. Come and see for yourself why exactly this area is so attractive and why the European Union has decided to support and take care of its growth and development.

Renting apartments in Gracac, Lovinac and Udbina

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