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Apartments in Ilok

City Ilok "the best, the best, the best" city in Slavonia under the Fruška Gora mountain, only 30 km from Vukovar and Vinkovci

     Looking at the geographical location of Ilok we can say that it is not only the easternmost point of Croatia, but also the highest one. Ilok became widely known already in Roman times for producing excellent wines and for its wine cellars, and its numerous vineyards can be said to be the living monuments of that culture. But speaking of the historical - cultural heritage with a glass of fine drink and the wine cellars of the 15th century, Ilok offers much more; there are Ilok walls built in the 13th century, mainly for defence against the Turks and everyone else who tried to penetrate into Croatia this way; the must-see castle Odscalchi; and the Turkish hamam that brings Ilok the charm of something oriental, from the ancient but never forgotten times. Whether you choose to visit Ilok during the grape harvest or you just want to walk through the beautiful hundred-year-old forests that surround you, make sure to take a chance and let your friendly hosts show you their hospitality at one of the many country farms, private houses and apartments. For those who prefer to spend their holiday absorbed in some activity, there is a varied offer of sports - recreational activities, bike trails, hunting resorts and fishponds. The fact that it is located near Vukovar and Vinkovci makes it an ideal place to rest from the city bustle and still be able to come quickly to one of the centres of entertainment and events of this part of Slavonia. Dare to take the Ilok wine roads, and take our word on it when we say that it will be a journey that you would wish lasted forever.

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