Apartments Kaprije-Zirje

Apartments on the Island of Kaprije and the Island of Zirje

Robinson-like and ecology-loving tourist will surely visit these preserved gems of the Sibenik archipelago

     The islands Kaprije and Zirje belong to the Sibenik archipelago and are its largest islands. On the island Kaprije car access is restricted, so that the place Kaprije is one the rare oasis of the completely clean air and it leaves the impression of being trapped in history far away from the modern world. The island Zirje is recognisable for its natural beauties, clearness and the blueness of the sea and several valuable and interesting cultural historical monuments. On the islands Zirje and Kaprije you can choose accommodation in private rooms and apartments in comfortable island ambiance, and on the farmsteads where you can enjoy the rich indigenous products offer. In the comfortable family atmosphere with friendly hosts, you can enjoy the numerous Dalmatian specialties. These two islands are a perfect choice for the quiet and intimate holiday on the Adriatic coast.

Renting apartments on the Island of Kaprije and the Island of Zirje

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