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Apartments in Karanac

The ethno village in Baranya guarantees an unforgettable pleasure of rural tourism near Osijek, the urban centre of Slavonia

     The ethno village Karanac is situated only 4 kilometres from Knezevi Vinogradi. Karanac enchants its visitors with the original buildings, the traditional Slavonia cuisine and a diverse range of premium wines. If you have ever wondered what it is like to wake up to the rooster crow, have a cup of milk milked right from the cows, or participate in traditional Slavonia slaughter of pigs - all this and much more you can experience in the ethno village Karanac. The inhabitants of this small village in the heart of Baranya gave their best to preserve the authenticity of the old Slavonia villages in all their aspects, which attract numerous tourists from all over the world with their grace and charm. Relax to the sounds of traditional instrument tamburizza and let your palate be seduced by the rich offer of Slavonia specialties, prepared as our ancestors used to do.  For the lovers of natural beauty there is the Nature Park Kopacki rit just a few kilometres from Karanac, the largest ornithological park in Europe whose beauty takes your breath away if you are lucky enough to walk its groves and take a boat ride down its effluents, followed by the unbelievably enchanting singing of birds. Being in Karanac, do not miss on the opportunity to search for accommodation in numerous apartments on the farms, granges and dwellings, whose atmosphere will take you back in the past days, when the world was a peaceful place, undisturbed by the rush of everyday’s life. But if you still want some crazy night life and return to reality, the vicinity of major urban centres of Slavonia - Osijek, Vukovar and Slavonski Brod, located a few kilometres from Karanac - will give you the opportunity to spice up the idyll and peace of the past with a modern rush of contemporary time. Come to Karanac and taste the past times here in the 21st century.

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