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Apartments in Karlobag

Karlobag is the place where the continent and the sea meet on the road to Gospic, Rijeka and Dubrovnik

     Located in the perfect geographical location where the "mountain kisses the sea", Karlobag used to be an important road in ancient Roman times. Moreover, long before Gospic became the center Lika, Karlobag had had this vital role and, according to legend, the Karlobag Capuchins were believed to be the ones who founded Gospic. If you choose to find your accommodation in one of the many apartments, studio apartments, rooms or holiday houses for rent in Karlobag, due to its favorable position, it will be possible to reach Rijeka, Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes in several hours; and the most adventurous among you might even go on a trip to Dubrovnik. Although it had a turbulent history and was once almost completely abandoned and forgotten, Karlobag managed to preserve a rich library and art treasures from the past times, perhaps the most valuable of which is the painting 'Last Supper' of an unknown artist. When you visit Karlobag, do not miss to visit the remains of the natural heritage that are in its immediate vicinity, such as medieval fortresses Fortica and the Shrine of Our Lady of Krasno, Northern Velebit National Park, or the sanctuary for young bears in Kuterevo. Besides the natural beauty and cultural heritage remains, Karlobag will delight you with the offer of gastronomic delights of Mediterranean cuisine, which have remained unchanged for centuries. Come, enjoy the beautiful nature and clean sea and dance with the feeling of joy that will come over you during your vacation in Karlobag.

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