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Apartments in Karlovac

Karlovac is a star on the road between Zagreb and the Adriatic Sea; situated on the territory between 4 rivers

     Founded by Karl von Habsburg, the city of Karlovac is situated on the territory between the Kupa, Korana, Dobra and Mreznica. It has not been long since Karlovac was chosen one of the jewels of Continental Croatia. It is characterized by a multitude of Renaissance buildings, the legacy from the 16th century. One of the most famous Croatian families, the family Zrinski, ruled in Karlovac and on their property the Karlovac fortress was built, which was used to defend against the Turks. In the centre of the city, on the Renaissance Square, there stood the Church of the Holy Trinity. Although it was burnt to the ground, although the dangerous plague devastated the majority of the population in the 17th century, and the Turks besieged it 7 times, Karlovac has always risen brighter and more glorious to everyone’s surprise. Besides the fact that is has been a historical monument of cultural heritage of Croatia, the Karlovac of today has a lot to offer, which will add a modern touch to your stay in this Renaissance city. We must emphasize its range of sport and recreational facilities, opportunities of biking, hiking, rafting and paintball. For a bit more traditional active holiday there is a multitude of fishing areas and hunting resorts, as well as possibilities for horseback riding. Night life in Karlovac will be brightened by the rich choice of numerous bars, discotheques, pubs and nightclubs – let’s not forget that this is the city of the famous Karlovac Brewery. And the friendly hosts of many private houses, apartments, rooms, country estates and hotels will be in charge of your accommodation and enchanting cuisine, based on traditional continental cuisine and enriched with a wide selection of international dishes. On your way through the Continental Croatia visit Karlovac and refresh your body and soul.

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