Apartments Kastela

Apartments in Kastela

Long ago it used to be a sea fortress, today it is a tourist destination worth of your attention

     The town of Kastela was built on the coast of the Gulf of Kastela and it was formed by merging seven places (Kastel Sucurac, Kastel Gomilica, Kastel Kambelovac, Kastel Luksic, Kastel Stari, Kastel Novi, Kastel Stafilic) in one city. The city of Kastela has a long tradition in tourism. In Kastela you can find accommodation in hotels, private apartments, tourist resorts and camping places. The beaches are ideal for families with small children. You can enjoy the rich gastronomic offer in numerous restaurants and taverns, consisting, of course, of seafood and good quality wines from the Kastela region. The beauty of the Kastela field, the revived legend of the forbidden love between Dobrila and Miljenko and a rich cultural program organized by the Tourist Board of the city of Kastela guarrantee you the unforgettable moments of your holidays on the Adriatic.

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