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Apartments in Knezevi Vinogradi

Knezevi Vinogradi is the Slavonia “oasis” for rest and relaxation in the rural tourism 20 km from Osijek

     Situated at the foot of the Banovo Brdo and embraced by the Drava and the Danube, Knezevi Vinogradi will enchant you with its simplicity and picturesque landscapes that surround it. The favourable climate and very favourable geographic position of Knezevi Vinogradi makes it an ideal place for growing grapes of exceptional quality. As its name implies, this area has been renowned for the very high quality varieties of grapes used to produce premium wines. They are kept in oak barrels in the wine cellars buried in the grounds of this Baranya hill, which gives wines of this region a special ‘bouquet’ and the aroma whose quality is recognized by the world-famous oenologists. Interesting folk customs, hunting in ancient deciduous oak forests, river fishing, visits to hunting lodges and farms, and especially the rich cuisine based on traditional Slavonia dishes are just a part of the offer provided by this part of the Continental Croatia. Lovers of active holidays should definitely visit one of the many sports and recreational centres. Embark on the adventure of canoeing or SUV driving, or shake off the energy at one of the paintball fields. Lovers of history and nature can experience the horse carriage ride to ethno village Karanac, or visit the largest ornithological nature park Kopacki Rit. Warm-hearted hosts will welcome you and provide you with accommodation in one of the many country estates, apartments or hunting lodges. For an exciting night out, it is enough to drive to Osijek and Vukovar, which are located nearby offering nightclubs, bars and cafes that will please anyone looking for the all night long entertainment. Knezevi Vinogradi, though seemingly a peaceful little place, will not leave you indifferent because the ancient Romans’ saying "In vino veritas" was invented for a reason.

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