Apartments Knin-Drnis

Apartments in Knin and Drnis

The door of Dalmatia and the 'Key to Croatia' in the vicinity of Krka spring, on the border of Dalmatia, Lika and Bosnia

     The wider Knin area represents an interesting tourist destination that offers a variety of recreational activities such as horseback riding, fishing, enjoying nature and visiting a number of religious buildings that are located in this area. The greatest adventurers among you will enjoy a wide offer of extreme sports such as rafting, paintball, mountain biking, quad riding, and paragliding. In the history, due to its favourable geo- strategic position, it was known as the head residence of Croatian kings. Among the most famous personalities in this region, we must mention the King Dmitar Zvonimir, King Peter Svacic and the well-known poet and writer Dinko Simunovic. Having arrived in this area let the blissful sense of peace and tranquillity of the Knin region rule over you.

Drnis, the hometown of Ivan Mestrovic, a city of song, musicians and top singers on the edge of Petrovo Polje

     It is located in the center of Sibenik-Knin County and is considered the city, in which the best “proscuito” is prepared, one of the greatest delights of this part of Croatia. In addition to the proscuito and cheese, it is known for its premium wines and good food in which the flavours of Croatian culinary heritage, the Mediterranean and the Orient blend. Near Drnis there is the must-see Ethnoland Dalmati, a theme park where you will be able to find out how the life of Dalmatinska Zagora looked in the past. And the accommodation can be found in one of the indigenous apartments, which has been preserved from the past times.

Renting apartments in Knin and Drnis

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