Apartments Koromacno

Apartments in Koromacno

The settlement between the peninsula and the cape 19 km from Labin

     On the hill above Koromacno there used to be a fort once, which dated from the Bronze Age. Here lies the Church of St. Ivan Glavosjek (St. John the Head-cutter) in which the remains of wall paintings form the 14th century can be found. Koromacno is located in the municipality Rasa, which used to be known for mining business until 1960s. Currently around Koromacno you can enjoy the unspoilt nature, the hiking trails and views of the Kvarner Bay and its surrounding islands. It is an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy a quiet vacation away from city hustle and bustle of urban centers. You will enjoy the rich cuisine it offers and the accommodation at private owners', who will delight you with their heartedness and brighten your stay in their apartments by telling you stories in the warm summer nights about the traditions and customs that have been here for many years. Near Koromacno, there is Rabac, widely known for its white pebble beaches, clean sea and the beautiful Mediterranean vegetation.You will be able to see and experience all this and much more only if you visit Koromacno.

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