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Apartments in Lokve

Lokve is the perfect place for vacation, whether under a beautiful blanket of snow or in the shade of green forests in summer

     It is located in the very heart of Gorski Kotar and marked by a plethora of natural beauty. The most recognizable features of this region are numerous sports and recreational activities that certainly guarantee you an active vacation in summer and winter. Those eager of adrenaline action can let go to the joys of rafting, paragliding, mountaineering and mountain biking. Those who prefer idle walks in nature may give in to the charms of pure mountain air and see the beauty of the cave Lokvarka, the largest Croatian cave, the Ledena cave, the Golubinja cave, and the Paklena Vrata. Those familiar with the nature will be able to embark on an adventure of search for mushrooms, wild fruits and herbs this region is rich with, due to the specificity of its geographical position. All the anglers can satisfy their passion at Lokvarsko Lake, abounding with fish such as trout and carp. Hunters will be able to enjoy the organized hunt for wild boar and deer organized by Lokve hunting society "Roebuck". Make sure to visit the unique museum in Europe that has found its home here in Lokve. This is the famous frog museum, in which you can learn all about these small amphibians, and hear about the history of frog farming in Lokve, which has become so popular that for many years in this region there has been the event 'Frog night’. Search for accommodation in one of the hunters' houses or private apartments, which can be found here. Do not forget to enjoy the many culinary delicacies that Lokve provides, as the frog legs have been known for a long time as a delicacy enjoyed even by kings.

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