Apartments Lopar - Island Rab

Apartments in Lopar on the Island of Rab

Sand Paradise Lopar in the northwest of the greenest Adriatic island - Rab

      Only 12 km from the town of Rab, Lopar is known as the birthplace of St. Marin, the founder of the world's oldest republic of San Marino. Lopar on the island of Rab was founded back in the early Stone Age, and it has preserved its steadiness and tradition to this day. The preservation of tradition is very important so there are many manifestations in Lopar, the best known being "Loparska night." If you are in Lopar in September do not miss to enjoy the cultural and folklore events held around the feast of the Nativity of Mary when there is the biggest party on the island of Rab. A reason enough to visit Lopar on the island of Rab are sandy beaches, the most famous being Rajska plaza. You can book accommodation in one of many apartments, studio apartments, rooms and weekend houses, whose owners are friendly hosts. They will see to it that you have the most pleasant summer vacation and holiday possible.  Although Lopar puts great emphasis on culture and tradition, those looking for some modern types of entertainment will not be disappointed, because it feels great to spend your holidays in an apartment so close to the sea that you can jump directly into it from the apartment’s terrace.

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