Apartments Losinj

Apartments on the Island of Losinj

Life in harmony with nature and active holidays for the most demanding ones are virtues which adorn this playful island of the Kvarner region

     The island of Losinj is nowadays one of the most visited destinations on the Adriatic. The towns of Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj are two bigger places that you can find on the island of Losinj. Mali Losinj is situated in a bay. This position has ensured it to become the most important port and the biggest place on the island of Losinj as well. Many beaches that adorn this island will make your holidays on Losinj unforgettable. The pebbled beach „Veli zal“ offers many sports activities. Its blue flag, that proudly dominates the beach, guarrantees the cleanness of the sea. The sandy beach „Uvala Cikat“ also situated in the town of Mali Losinj will offer unforgettable holidays on the Adriatic coast. Above the beach, there are many bars and restaurants. In Mali Losinj you will also find two beaches for pets: the beach „Mali Losinj“ for dogs and the beach „Kadin“, where pets are also welcome. The pebbly and rocky beach „Srebrna uvala“ also in Mali Losinj shouldn't be left out. The nearby situated island of Susak, which is, geologically seen, a very flat slab of stone covered with sand, will delight you with its wonderful sandy beaches and the crystal clear sea. In Veli Losinj you must visit the beach „Barakuda“, which has concrete parts on its rocks, so tourists can relax and enjoy the beautiful Adriatic Sea. Accommodation facilities of Losinj offer many possiblities varying from hotels, private apartments, villas, rooms, boarding houses to camping places. With a little bit of good luck you will meet bottlenose dolphins around the island of Losinj. There are about 120 dolphins swimming around the island of Losinj and they are one of the best studied groups in the whole Mediterranean. Of course, with all the comforts of the island of Losinj, tourists should enjoy the delights of the excellent local cuisine.

Renting apartments on the Island of Losinj

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