Apartments Lumbarda - island Korcula

Apartments in Lumbarda on the Island of Korcula

This shining gem of Korcula, Lumbarda, lies along the coast and surrounding hills

      Lumbarda used to be a holiday destination of Korcula nobles and bishops who had their luxurious villas there. Even today you can find accommodation in a number of luxurious private houses, studio apartments, rooms and apartments. It has wonderful landscapes, rich with alleys and pine forests which will lead you to 6- kilometre-away Korcula. It has widely been praised for the beautiful crystal clear sea and stunning sand and pebble beaches. One of the most famous beaches is Bilin Zal Beach and the sand beach Vela Przina. Due to favourable climate Lumbarda is ideal for lovers of sailing and other water sports. Lovers of an active vacation will be thrilled with twenty small explorable islands with enchanting scent of aromatic and medicinal plants. It is widely known among enologists who come here to try the famous “Greek”, which is produced from the authentic grape variety with the same name. Gourmands will be attracted to the plenty of taverns and restaurants that offer primarily authentic island fish and seafood specialties.

Renting apartments in Lumbarda on the Island of Korcula

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