Apartments Mali Losinj

Apartments in Mali Losinj

„Little Village” on seven islands protected by the smartest see mammal – dolphin

     Mali Losinj is a town admired by all those lucky enough to visit it; geographically it has an interesting position at Kvarner. Most of the town is situated on the island of Losinj, but it also spreads to the islands Cres, Unije, Susak and a few uninhabited islands. It is the largest place on the island of Losinj and the largest place on all the islands in general. Because of that it offers a great number of accommodation possibilities. In the last couple of years tourists have mostly opted for accommodation in private apartments, studio apartments and rooms. The town has become famous for being the town of dolphins and for the waters of Ilovik. In its history Mali Losinj had 11 shipyards and it was the most powerful merchant fleet in the Adriatic, more powerful than Rijeka. It has been the favourite destination for sailors. Every visitor will find the beaches in Mali Losinj breathtaking. The most popular beaches would definitely be the pebble beach Veli Zal, a perfect beach for family vacation, and the dog beaches, most of which can be found in Mali Losinj. The must-see sight is the Losinj Scent Garden. Indispensable cuisine varies from the traditional authentic island specialties to the international cuisine.

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