Apartments Medulin

Apartments in Medulin

Preserved nature on the one hand and the rich choice of comfortable accommodation on the other make Medulin a perfect choice for summer vacation

     The town Medulin is situated on the largest Croatian peninsula Istra. This famous tourist destination gives everyone something to enjoy. The whole Medulin Riviera offers the dynamic and rich vacation with the number of activities available on the coast or at the sea. Accommodation in Medulin is available in the hotels, private apartments, apartment complexes, camps, and marinas. The 80-kilometre Medulin Riviera will amaze one by the diversity and the beauty of the beaches, threaded down the coast one after the other. Beautiful clear sea, the shade of the hundred-year-old pines, lonely beaches on one of the ten islands of Medulin archipelago, or the usual crowd on the public beaches will satisfy different tastes. Night life in Medulin consists of bars and night clubs for younger population, and numerous terraces with live music for the senior ones. Every night in Medulin can be a great experience; come and see for yourselves!

Renting apartments in Medulin

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