Apartments Mlini-Kupari

Apartments in Mlini and Kupari

Mlini is a tourist place close to Dubrovnik

     It is situated in the area called Zupa Dubrovacka. Many lovers of the warm south sea and the beauties of Dubrovnik choose Mlini as their ideal tourist destination. If you seek a peaceful holiday and beautiful sandy beaches, come to Mlini and find accommodation in apartments and rooms or the hotel. This place is unique for its numerous wells of drinkable water inhabited by the flock of ducks and the old mills that give them a special charm.

Kupari is also a tourist place a few kilometres away from Dubrovnik

     A peaceful and relaxed holiday is guaranteed by the rich Mediterranean vegetation and the bay cape with the 400-metre sandy coast and a walk along it leading to the beaches, both shaded by the thick pine wood. The warm home atmosphere in Kupari can be experienced in the private apartments and rooms, and the accommodation is also available in hotels and camps. If you wish to find entertainment and visit a big tourist place, you may visit Dubrovnik, the summer metropolis of the Croatian tourism.

Renting apartments in Mlini and Kupari

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