Apartments Motovun

Apartments in Motovun

Every summer Motovun is the centre of the film world! If you haven’t already done that, make sure to visit Motovun

     Motovun is the medieval town situated in the Istrian inland and, due to its walls in the shape of rings and two half-rings it belongs to the most visited excursion destination in Istria. You can enjoy beautiful views of the vineyards and the Park Forest Motovunska Suma from the middle Motovun acropolis. Accommodation in Motovun is available at the private renters in private apartments and rooms, or in the hotels. Numerous activities that this vivid place offers, like the vintage, the asparagus and truffles gathering, hunting, fishing on the river Mirna, canoeing on the river Mirna, schools of riding, paragliding, or driving down the wine roads. One should not miss the typical Istrian cuisine with the traditional specialties. Motovun is definitely worth visiting, especially during the Motovun film festival.

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