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Mountainous Croatia is a popular destination for adventurers and speleologists as well as visitors longing for holidays full of relaxation and refreshment

     Rich in unspoilt, natural beauty and inexhaustible trekking opportunities, mountainous Croatia is the most attractive region of continental Croatia. There, it is still possible to see wild animals, which are endangered or even extinct in other parts of the world, in their natural habitat. Coniferous and deciduous forests, hundreds of years old, are a suitable habitat for numerous plants and animals. The peace and the quietness are only interrupted by the singing of many kinds of birds. There's a mountain climate with typical long and cold winters, while the summers are short and cool, but pleasant and nice for holidays and ideal for an escape from urban areas.
     Lovers of fresh and invigorating nature can enjoy in many natural reservations, national parks, protected landscapes, caves, lakes and mountains. Of course, one must visit National Park „Plitvice lakes“ and fall in love with the beauty of its 16 lakes that are overflowing into each other through cascades of waterfalls.
     Mountain climbers will enjoy in Mount Velebit, the longest mountain in Croatia. The medieval castles of the Zrinski and Frankopan families bring visitors back into history and give the whole region a touch of culture. Many hunting grounds will satisfy the needs of hunters. The fresh and clean waters in brooks and rivers offer a possibility for good quality fishing.
     The greenery and the solitude of the forests give the possibility of spiritual relaxation to those who are looking for a good rest. A short drive by car to the Adriatic sea gives tourists the opportunity to go swimming and sunbathing on beautiful beaches. Briefly mountainous Croatia offers something for everyone. Accommodation in form of apartments, rooms, rural economies, hotels and mountain houses is easily found. Gospic, Otocac, Korenica, Plitvice, Fuzine, Brod na Kupi and Cabar are just some of the places where you can stay.
     Offering numerous possibilities, mountainous Croatia is definitely a place for your ideal physical and spiritual holiday.

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