Apartments on the Adriatic

     Usually, when choosing our vacation and holiday destination, the first and hardest step is to decide what type of accommodation we want. In the last couple of years, Croatia has witnessed significant growth in the number of overnight stays in private accommodation facilities. Both foreign and Croatian tourists often choose to spend their vacation and holidays in one of the private seaside apartments.
     The advantages of holidays at seaside apartments in Croatia are low prices in the first place and quality accommodation in the second. Most of us are willing to spend a certain amount of money once we decide to take a vacation; nevertheless in times of crisis we choose carefully how we spend our money. So most tourists realize that, by choosing to stay in seaside apartments, they can actually save some money and spend it elsewhere to enrich their vacation. Also, a big advantage of spending your holiday at seaside apartments is being in direct contact with the owner, as can be seen on our site. If tourists do not have to communicate through other persons when making reservations for their seaside apartments, they have the opportunity to share their wishes and ideas directly with the owner.  The owner of the seaside apartment is therefore able to provide the best possible service because he is aware of the tourists’ wishes and needs from the very beginning.
      If you search our site in more detail, you will see that the choice of seaside apartments in Croatia is extremely rich and various. There are affordable seaside apartments, top destinations chosen mostly by young people looking for entertainment, or luxury seaside apartments which, at the very entrance, take tourist from the bleak world of everyday life to the world of comfort and luxury. Finally, it should be said that, when you come home after you have spent your holidays in a private seaside apartment in Croatia, you will not remember it as just one of the many holidays you have been on; it will actually be an experience that will bring you a new acquaintance and a new friend. You will surely wish to return to ‘your’ seaside apartment next year!

Indented Croatian cost and the picturesque Croatian islands bear the title of one of the clearest seas in the world

     The Adriatic Sea is the clearest sea in Europe, therefore it is not surprising that the Croatian coast has become a very interesting tourist destination and that many people decide to spend their summer vacation on the Adriatic Sea. Great clarity and clearness of the sea, mild Mediterranean climate, and rich flora and fauna have made it possible for Croatian coast to become the world's leading tourism destination. The coast being very indented with many big and small islands, cliffs and ridges (1244), there are many tourism destinations that offer different types of accommodation on the Adriatic coast and islands, the most popular being private accommodation. Private accommodation by the sea and friendly hosts will be a perfect opportunity for getting to know all the beauties of the Adriatic coast, and you will remember your holiday in Croatia for a long time and hopefully come back.
      Due to the long and warm summers and the favourable weather in Croatia and on the Adriatic, you will be able to enjoy swimming in the Adriatic Sea and sunbathing on its beautiful beaches that leave many world travellers breathless and are impressive for their clarity and beauty. The map of Croatia is impossible to imagine without the Adriatic Sea; good transport connections, new roads and the Zagreb-Split highway are a guarantee of the safe ride and the fast and safe arrival to the chosen destination. Naturally, such good transport connectivity, which you can make sure of by checking the map of Croatia, enables numerous excursions to the places on the Adriatic Sea or the Croatian inland, which is rich with beautiful nature, many national parks and nature parks.
     Apart from offering pleasure of enjoying the sea and the sun, the rich tourist offer sees to numerous possibilities for active holiday and summer vacation, which will inspire many inquisitive adventurers to visit the Adriatic Sea. Also, those who seek entertainment and rich night life will not be disappointed - their summer vacation in Croatia will remain a beautiful memory that they will gladly remember.
     For all the gourmets, there is the delicious and diverse Mediterranean cuisine whose tastes and richness will please the most demanding palate. There are many wine roads with beautiful views on the vast vineyards and top-quality world known wines that will make your holiday in Croatian magical. The olive yards, the hundred-year-old pine woods, the smell of Mediterranean plants, the tireless cricket chirr... That's what the Adriatic Sea is. What else could one wish for having the perfect holiday on the Adriatic? Enjoy yourselves!

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