Apartments Pjescana Uvala

Apartments Pjescana Uvala

Spend your summer in Pjescana Uvala and discover the magical sand beaches in Croatia

     Situated just a few kilometres from Pula, Pjescana Uvala was at first a peaceful oasis for the inhabitants of Pula to escape the urban bustle. Today this little village has developed into an autonomous whole, rich with tourist offer and numerous beaches. As its name says, those are sand beaches ideal for little children and non-swimmers due to the shallow sea entrance surrounded by thick trees. The accommodation possibilities are numerous and various, as everything else in Pjescana Uvala. Look for accommodation in private apartments, rooms, studio apartments, even in gorgeous luxury villas and hotels. To prove the claims about fabulous cuisine there, a fact must be emphasized that two restaurants in this little village have been given the title of the best restaurants in Croatia. What makes Pjescana Uvala such a special place is the combination of two worlds that meet there. On the one hand it is a perfect place for peaceful, quiet and relaxing holiday far from the city bustle, and on the other it is few minutes away from one of the main centres of entertainment, culture, historical heritage and crazy nightlife in Pula.

Renting apartments in Pjescana Uvala

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