Apartments Plitvice

Apartments in Plitvice

A must destination for every tourist, that visits Croatia, the fabulous Plitvice lakes

     „A tremendous rain, followed by thunder and lightning, started falling within no time, a rain that refreshed people and animals, fields and meadows. The rain kept falling and the water grew more and more, till it turned into the lakes of today….“ This legend, one of the many about the origin of the Plitvice lakes, indicates that water in karst areas takes on almost mythical characteristics, which is understandable. The Plitvice lakes have been declared a national park since 1949 and they are on UNESCO'S World Heritage list since 1979. The small river Plitvice falls from a height of almost eighty meters and reaches, not far away from that place, the confluence or a place called „Sastavci“, which is a noisy spot where some ten waterfalls coming from the last of the sixteen Plitvice lakes end. Nowadays the Plitvice Lakes are one of the most visited national parks in the Republic of Croatia, because with their unique beauty they attract numerous tourists from over the whole world. Many visitors can find accommodation in the town of Plitvice and in other surrounding towns in hotels, privately owned apartments and rooms as well as in family houses (rural tourism). Numerous restaurants offering a diverse national cuisine of this magnificent region are at the disposal of many visitors.

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