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The Istrian lookout that offers the view of the entire Kvarner Bay, Cres and Losinj

     Plomin was formerly known as a town of great sailors, fishermen and traders. At the present time it is a destination for many tourists from around the world who come to enjoy the magic and beauty of the Plomin Bay, and its rich cultural and historical heritage. The heritage monument in Plomin that definitely needs to be mentioned is the church of St. Juraj the Old that was built in the 11th century and that houses the third preserved Romanesque bell tower in Istria. Also, on one of its walls it hides the treasure of great historical importance for the development of Croatian literature - the Plomin Record, which is the oldest record in the Glagolitic alphabet from that era. Although Plomin cultural heritage is one of the most important reasons for tourists to visit this town at the entrance to a narrower Istria, it is certainly not the only one. Because, in addition to giving you the feeling of returning to past times, Plomin is proud of its rich gastronomy offer and opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment away from the hectic pace and stress of everyday life. Plomin offers many opportunities for fun and entertainment. It offers accommodation where hosts are extremely kind and attentive during your stay in one of their apartments, holiday houses, studio apartments or rooms. Walk down the trails of the past, so that your present holiday leaves such an impression that you wish to visit Plomin again and again in future.

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