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Apartments in Rijeka

Rijeka is in the heart of Kvarner and, as the centre of all happenings, it is the ideal tourist choice of the culture lovers and night life lovers

     The city of Rijeka – the heart of Europe, the city of rich history, culture, and tourism, is the must-see tourist destination on the Adriatic Sea. First you should have a cup of coffee at the Rijeka Korzo, which is the centre of the city and the venue of all the happenings. In the middle of the Korzo, there is the City Tower with a watch, the gathering place of people from Rijeka and many tourists. Numerous baroque palaces adorn Rijeka’s Korzo, the oldest being the palace Wohinz. The old town is dominated by the most important church in Rijeka, the St. Vid’s Cathedral. One should also visit Trsat where there is a Franciscan Monastery with church and pastoral centre, called the Trsat Sanctuary. That is the oldest Marian sanctuary in Croatia and today it is an important pilgrim centre. On Trsat there is also a medieval Trsat Castle. Apart from having the rich history, Rijeka is also proud if its cultural events such as Rijeka Summer Nights, Summer at Gradina, Puppet Theatre’s Revue, ‘Jazz time’, Chamber Music Festival and many others. Of course, one should not miss the Rijeka carnival, the event that is visited by 100 000 people every year. Rijeka offers numerous accommodation capacities; there are many hotels, private apartments, camps and hostels at one’s disposal. One can have fun in Rijeka in the local clubs, theatres, cinemas and on several sport fields. Rijeka has a couple of high rated beaches, regardless of the fact that it is an industrial city and a very important port. The beaches Biovo and Pecine are the beaches where you will find different facilities, and the beach Kostanj is the first beach which is accessible to and tailored to the needs of the people with disabilities. We are convinced that everyone will find something for themselves in Rijeka and that the city will amaze them with numerous activities available all around. Friendly hosts and rich cuisine in the famous restaurants will make your holiday in Croatia a complete pleasure.

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