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Skrad is the resting point and the climate recovery point located near the highway Zagreb - Rijeka

     Due to the construction of the highway Zagreb - Rijeka, Skrad has become very reachable place and, therefore, not surprisingly one of the most popular destinations for weekend visitors and picnickers from larger urban areas, who come to Skrad just to enjoy the beauty of the landscape that surrounds it, and deservedly rest and relax from the hectic week filled with noise and rush of large urban centers. Skrad environment will be an oasis for all lovers of healthy lifestyle, active rest and sport fishing. When you visit in winter, you will be able to enjoy the winter joys like snowball fights, sledding and skiing, and then warm up with mulled wine or a cup of tea in one of the highland houses, apartments and weekend houses. In Skrad, a tradition of mushroom growing in the forests that surround it is especailly nurtured, and there you will find many different types of edible mushrooms. Widely known is the blueberry liqueur, which is an indigenous product of Skrad area, the hunting resorts for those wishing for a little action, and a number of sanctuaries for those who enjoy seeing the rich cultural and historical heritage. If you are in this area, do not miss to visit Vraziji Prolaz, one of the most beautiful canyons in Croatia, of the notorious name and of heavenly beauty, and Muzeva Hiza, a cave which served as a refuge from the Turks for the former population of Skrad. Whether you decide to come in Skrad only for a weekend or stay here a little longer, we promise you that that will be one of the most interesting holidays in your life.

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