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Apartments in Slavonski Brod

Although it is the second largest city in Slavonia, Slavonski Brod connects the eastern and western Croatia

     Marsonija, as Slavonski Brod was called by Romans, has settled on the northern bank of the Sava River, and it is located exactly halfway between Zagreb and Belgrade. In older times it was known as a city of wealthy merchants and industrialists, as well as an important transport hub. It is interesting to know that, besides Zadar, Slavonski Brod was the most bombarded city in the former state during the Second World War. But not even the complete destruction could prevent the rapid development of Brod, and it turned into an important cultural and economic centre of Slavonia. With Osijek, Slavonski Brod is the second largest city in Slavonia and Baranya, and as such it offers many opportunities for good time and fun. As the hometown of many great people of Croatian history and literature, such as Andrija Stampar, Dragutin Tadijanovic, Ivana Brlic Mazuranic and many others, Slavonski Brod cherishes a long tradition of culture and art life. You should visit the Fortress of Brod, the bulwark against the Turks that had never served its purpose, a house of the family Brlic which is the birth house of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic, today a monument of culture and an art gallery, and certainly the unavoidable Franciscan monastery whose church is regarded as the largest church in Slavonia. Throughout the year, Slavonski Brod is the host city for various cultural and gastronomic events and sports and recreational activities. Here are some of them: Catherine Fair, the world of fairy tales of Ivana Brlic Mazuranic for the youngest, the biggest motorcycle meetings in Croatia for fans of engines, Brodsko Kolo for those who want to experience the charm of the traditional Slavonia dance and song, and the traditional Fisijada (fish stew festival) which will be a pleasure for the gourmets. Accommodation can be found in one of the many private apartments, rooms and hotels that Slavonski Brod is rich with, and the friendly hosts will ensure that in Slavonski Brod you sail on the river of pleasure and relaxation.

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