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Apartments in Solin

Solin is the town of antique atmosphere and rich historical heritage

     Solin has practically grown to become a part of Split, but still is it a separate place. It is the town of rich culture and history which is obvious at every step of the way. More then two thousand years ago the town Salona stood there with the glorious palaces, squares and temples. There are many sights that attract tourists such as the Amphitheatre, Basilika Urbana, Bishop’s Baptistery, city walls and door, Manastirine, Tusculum, and many other sights, churches and museums. Solin’s culture draws its inspiration from the wells of their ancestors. The accommodation in Solin is available in hotels, private apartments and rooms. Solin restaurants offer a variety of dishes, from the tourist menus to the various specialties. Because it is sparsely populated and has beautiful natural locations, Solin is the ideal place for recreational hiking, running, cycling, and family recreational activities. Surrounded by the mountains Kozjak and Mosor, it is the ideal destination for different mountain routes, from the simple to extreme routes for the more demanding tastes. The closeness of beautiful beaches and all above mentioned will hopefully be enough for you to decide to spend your summer vacation in Solin.

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