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Apartments in Sukosan

Golden port of the large bay only 10 km from Zadar

     In Sukosan tourism began to flourish at the end of the 19th century. With the opening of numerous luxury apartments, studio apartments and guest houses, it became a Mecca mainly to German and Czech tourists who named it "Children's Paradise", because of its features and the shallow crystal clear sea. In Sukosan there are numerous monuments of cultural heritage like the distinctive Palac – the Archbishop's Mansion and St. Cassian Church. And its marina "Dalmacija" makes it a paradise for boaters. For lovers of active holidays Sukosan will certainly be an inevitable destination. Here there are countless opportunities for walking, jogging and cycling, due to the nature with Mediterranean features and the air enriched with sweet odour of herbs. Its crystal clear sea lures in the windsurfing and scuba diving. Visiting Sukosan you should also take the opportunity to go to one of the organized rafting tours on Zrmanja. The place has numerous possibilities for private accommodation located along the sea shore. The owners of private apartments, studio apartments, weekend houses and rooms will gladly take a curious tourist "to the lamplight" or "to nets". If you have not yet had the opportunity to hear these two expressions, we can solve that mystery and reveal that they are expressions for extremely popular methods of fishing in this area, having a long tradition and certainly being an experience you should not miss.

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