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Apartments in Toplice Sveti Martin

Visit Sveti Martin na Muri looking for the "black gold" and find yourself in the golden oasis of wellness in the best equipped spa and golf resort on the northernmost point of Croatia

     If you're in the mood for an unforgettable spa and wellness pleasure, or you want to experience playing golf in a T-shirt in the winter, you can do it in the Spa Sveti Martin, the best-equipped spa resort in Croatia. This spa and golf resort is located in Medjimurje near Cakovec and Zagreb. It has a lot of swimming pools, water slides, wellness centres, fine restaurants, numerous sports facilities and the first artificial turf golf course with heated fields in Europe. In the 19th century people were aware of the quality of water from the spring Sveti Martin, and it was bottled and sold as a medicinal drink worldwide. The rich cultural heritage from the era of the famous Zrinski family will leave you breathless. If you are a history lover you definitely have to visit the church of St. Martin, which dates from the Gothic period. There is also a remarkable museum with a valuable collection of ancient coins; for the fans of nature there is a protected area on the Mura River; and for all the gourmets, Sveti Martin Spa has an excellent selection of dishes based on the traditional cuisine of Medjimurje region. If you want a bit of urban bustle, in the place where you can have a wild night out and spend the day hunting or tasting wines, just a few kilometres away from the Sveti Martin the is a city Cakovec, which became famous for the large number of hunting resorts, agricultural products and vineyards. Find accommodation in a variety of private apartments, weekend houses, rooms and hotels, and let the friendly hosts and fairytale-like Sveti Martin Spa and Cakovec introduce you to the world of pleasure and happiness.

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