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Apartments in Tribunj

The small island of the autumn god of sun in which you will sacrifice everyday stress in exchange for an unforgettable vacation and holidays

     Only 15 km from Sibenik and 3 km from Vodice, Tribunj is one of those little must-see places that give your experience of vacation and summer holidays a sense of perfection. The original Tribunj was built on an island which was connected to the mainland by a stone bridge in ancient times, which made it accessible. Its very narrow streets are a peculiarity of Tribunj. They were built when the population sought shelter in the fort Tribunj running away from the Turks. Originally Tribunj population were farmers who, accepting the local lifestyle turned to fishing, olive growing and wine production and became the best in the world in these areas of production. Therefore, if you visit Tribunj, rest assured that, apart from the the fact that you will be pampered by many owners of private accommodation, apartments and studio apartments you will be delighted with its rich cuisine. Following tradition, meals offer primarily consists of seafood and fish served with excellent local wines. Tribunj also has a number of beaches mostly located in the secluded coves bringing on the romantic atmosphere to your holiday. The most famous beach of Tribunje area is Zamalin, which is the famous bathing area, but also the gathering place for young people.

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