Apartments Unije-Susak

Apartments on the Island of Unije and the Island of Susak

The island Unije’s natural beauty is unique on the Croatian Adriatic

     Southwest of Losinj there is the island Unije. The island of rich olive tradition with only 81 inhabitants has become the destination of many tourists-inquirers looking for romantic moments, isolation and getaway from the urban areas. On the island Unija the private accommodation in private apartments and rooms is offered. Apart from enjoying the natural beauties, lonely coves and beautiful island beaches, one can also enjoy the sea delicacies prepared by the hard-working hosts.

The island Susak is situated on the north of Adriatic

     Known for shallow sand bottomed coves and yellowish sand it is made of, the island Susak is a special place - which the experienced sailors will agree with. On the island Susak only private accommodation at friendly renters is available. The islands Susak and Unije are the ideal destination for those looking for peace and privacy, and they will make your summer vacation on the Adriatic Sea full with unexpected impressions.

Renting apartments on the Island of Unije and the Island of Susak

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