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Varazdin is the northwestern gate of Croatia – if you pass through it you will feel rested and fresh

     In the Middle Ages, Varazdin was a town of great strategic importance situated on the road that connected Hungary to the Adriatic Sea. It experienced a rapid cultural and economic development, and at that time it was the most populated city in the Continental Croatia, or what was then known as the Kingdom of Slavonia. Even today, the remains of Baroque culture and tradition attract tourists from around the world to visit the city of Varazdin in the northwest of the Pannonian Valley. Varazdinske Spa is very near, which will enable you to have an unforgettable spa and wellness experience that you will not forget so quickly. In 1776 a large fire devoured Varazdin burning it to the ground; from the period after the big fire, numerous Baroque buildings were built which have given Varazdin a distinctive and widely known appearance to date, and thus have made it the best preserved baroque centre of this part of Europe. Apart from the culture, historical heritage and the proximity of the top quality Varazdinske Spa, this city of the Continental Croatia has to offer many sports and recreational activities to those who search for an adventurous vacation. The inevitable are, by all means, the cultural events of the Varazdin area, such as the Baroque Evenings, Trash Film Festival and the famous Spancirfest. Every year, there is the international fair of hunting and fishing tourism in Varazdin, which has in the meantime become the most significant event of this kind in Continental Croatia. The richness and quality of gastronomic delights is evidenced by the fact that the symbol of the city of Varazdin is a kind of pastry called Varazdinski Klipic, which became famous throughout Europe. Whether you decide to enjoy the unspoiled nature of Varazdin area, relax in one of the spas that surround it, or simply just enjoy its Baroque beauty, make sure to look for accommodation in private apartments, studio apartments, rooms or charming hotels.

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