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Apartments in Varazdinske toplice

Wellness and spa pleasure at the internationally important transport route Budapest – Varazdin Zagreb – Rijeka

     Visit Varazdinske Spa and relax in a place where 20,000 years of tradition meet the modern era, and together turn your vacation into a sensational experience for all senses. Located in a valley through which the rivulet Bednja flows, Varazdinske Spa will delight you with its diverse range of wellness resorts, swimming pools with healing thermal water and a number of sports - recreational facilities. The ancient Romans saw the benefits of the spa and built the first spa in the area of Continental Croatia called 'Aquae Issa', whose remains can be seen there even today. Built in the ancient times of Constantine II, they attracted all those who wanted to relax and enjoy the healing hot water springs of this beautiful place near the famed baroque city of Varazdin. Take a walk down the green hills that surround them; go hunting in the ancient forests; or loaf in fields and vineyards, adding a special touch of enjoyment in the natural beauties of Zagorje to your vacation.  For all the gourmets there is a rich cuisine, abundant in Zagorje meals and the inevitable offer of premium wines. You can find accommodation in a picturesque cottage houses, apartments, studio apartments, rooms and hotels. If you wish for a good evening entertainment, there is the town of Varazdin nearby, which has become famous for not only being the host of famous Baroque Evenings, but as the host city of the best night-life choice in this part of Continental Croatia. Come to Varazdinske Spa and see for yourself why this small Croatian town in Croatian Zagorje has retained its fame since the Palaeolithic to the present day. We promise you that once you try it, you will be coming back for more again and again.

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