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Apartments in Veli Losinj

„Big village“- the centre of aromatherapy, only 5 kilometres from Mali Losinj

     Veli Losinj used to be an important harbour and fishing centre up to the 19th century and it was the largest settlement place on the island of Losinj. Today, however, Mali Losinj has become almost as big. It is located at the foot of the hill Kalvarija. Although it has only 1000 inhabitants, it is rich with high quality accommodation possibilities, above all in private apartments and rooms. One of the main features of Veli Losinj is its luxurious villas with beautiful gardens. Also there are numerous cultural and historical monuments that are worth admiring. One of the recent sights is Blue World, a very important organization whose aim is the exploration and preservation of the bottlenose dolphin, which inhabits the sea around Losinj and Cres. Veli Losinj is also rich with beautiful beaches, the most famous being Beach Rovenska and the rocky Beach Punta. Beach Punta is the Blue Flag bearer. The pebble Beach Barakuda must also be mentioned as an ideal family beach during the day and the gathering place of youth at night, despite its passionate name. Of course, if in Veli Losinj, do not miss on numerous delicacies which, due to the richness of the island flora and a lot of spicy herbs, have a unique taste that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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