Apartments Vir

Apartments on the Island of Vir

The island Vir is the ideal place for a getaway from the urban life style to the oasis of peace and relaxation for you and your family and friends

     The island Vir, 26 kilometres from Zadar, is connected to the land by a bridge and this geographical position has brought a great number of tourists. On The island of Vir and its centre, the city of Vir, you will find accommodation in private apartments and camps. The coast of the island Vir is rather indented, with many coves, capes and cliffs, and it has a beautiful view over the Adriatic Sea. Numerous beaches on the island offer a variety of activities and settings and attract a lot of tourists. Restaurants with terraces in pine wood shade are the places where you can enjoy great cuisine, and the bars and clubs intended for the young visitors offer night life deep in the night. Friendly hosts invite you to spend your Croatian holiday on their island and enjoy all of its beauties.

Renting apartments on the Island of Vir

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